Common Questions About Going Solar

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Isn't solar expensive?

Installing solar can be a modest upfront investment, but when looking at the big picture and your annual savings, it's actually one of the best returning and safest investments you can make on your property. Today, there are plenty of great ways to finance with $0 down that can make it even easier to save with solar.

What about tax credits, do I qualify?

Anyone with taxable income qualifies for the Federal ITC (investment tax credit) for their solar installation project. You do need to own your home to qualify for this credit.

Will it damage my roof?

Almost any roof type can have a solar energy system safely installed on it. Across the industry, solar installation practices and hardware used have become very uniform and we only work with trained, experienced contractors on all of our projects.

Will I need to replace it when better panels come along?

This is a very common concern. All of the equipment we work with is backed by SunPower's industry-leading 25-year Complete System Warranty, which covers your entire system (not just the solar panels). The technology doesn't change very much from one year to the next, so once you have a high-quality system installed on your roof, you should have little to worry about for many years to come.

Is there much maintenance?

Like any glass surface outdoors, your panels will get dirty over time. Solar panels have very low friction glass, so any rainfall will leave them nice and clean. Otherwise, we recommend that they get hosed off once or twice a year. All of today's systems also come with internet-based monitoring functionality, so it's very easy to keep tabs on your system.

Do I need a home battery?


Depending on where you live, adding a home battery storage option can be a useful addition. In most regions, we have "net metering" which allows you to sell back the excess power your home produces to your utility company when it's not being used to power your home. Typically, you'll get the retail credit for this power being sold back to use at a later time (at night, during cloudier days, during winter, etc). If your region is also prone to blackouts and power outages, there are several reliable home battery options that can help supplement your solar panels and keep the power on during the times you need it most.

More questions?

These are only a few common solar questions, so feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you have about going solar!

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