David Sanfilippo

Solar Energy Consultant

Get to know me!

What are some of your professional accomplishments?

I have received sales awards and promotions in various companies I have worked for. But honestly my greatest professional accomplishments come from hearing positive reviews from customers I have helped!

How many years of experience do you have in solar sales?

I am brand new to the industry. I am excited to make an impact in such an important industry.

Why did you choose a career in solar?

I love nature and helping people so choosing a career in solar was the perfect fit for me.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love hiking, mountain biking and kayaking to name a few.

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Keil S.
Keil S.

Clayton was very helpful steering me through the various design and specification stages. It ended up a great system that has both reduced my bill by 75% or more and you can not even tell I have a system from the street. Also works with generator so I can have a longer 'down period' if bad weather (Hurricanes) strike. It is nice to have a pro in your corner when making an expensive upgrade to your home!

Webb M.
Webb M.

Clayton managed the design and installation of the solar power system for my new house. He was great to work with and the result was just what we wanted. Clayton listened carefully to my needs and showed a lot of flexibility and creativity as we worked to create a design that would meet our power and esthetic goals. I would definitely hire Clayton again.

Leo L.
Leo L. San Francisco

I worked with Clayton closely through the entire project, he is quite knowledgeable about whole solar industry, most importantly, he is very responsive and communicated very well between me and solar installers. During COVID, we have done everything online, including site survey, quote, permit, it has been quite smooth and accurate. End of installation, Clayton came on site and walked through many details with me. Very happy with the support he provided through the whole process.

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